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Total Produce Nordic is the result of the cooperation between the Danish Lembcke Group and the Swedish company Everfresh that started in 2007. Today, both companies are part of Total Produce Nordic, which has become a leading distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks to our modern logistics units, and an extensive network of suppliers around the world, we are able to provide Nordic and European customers with fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables all year round.



Everfresh serves wholesalers and stores throughout Sweden with fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. We are a market-oriented company, focused on customer requirements and we provide cost-effective solutions.

Nowaste Logistics

Nowaste aims to lead the development of effective logistics solutions. We are technology-intensive and provide logistics services for several different industries.

Total Produce Nordic A/S

Total Produce Nordic A/S är en ledande aktör inom import och export av frukt och grönt. Vi samarbetar med leverantörer över stora delar av världen.

Total Produce

Total Produce worldwide:

Fakta & Siffror

  • Ca: 30% av alla bananer som säljs i Sverige har hanterats av Total Produce Nordic.
  • Varje dag ankommer och avgår det ca 100 lastbilar via vår enhet i Helsingborg.
  • Varje plockare i Helsingborg lyfter ca 10 ton per dag.
  • Från vårt lager i Helsingborg avgår 3,2 miljoner pallar per år.
  • Vårt lager i Helsingborg omsätts på 1,5 dagar, detta innebär att vi hanterar ca 5500 pallar per dag.

Jobba hos oss

It is of outmost importance to us that our employees are happy and want to develop together with the company. We believe that a person who likes to get to work can bring more into their workplace. Are you interested in becoming a part of Total Produce Nordic? Read here about our current vacancies.