Exceeded Pesticide Limit Value Apples


Total Produce Nordic A/S recalls Apple Gala Must. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has sampled apples originating from Poland imported by Total Produce Nordic A/S. When analysing this sample, the limit value for the following pesticide has been exceeded: Chlorpyrifos.


Recalled food, Published: April 15, 2019

Which food:
Apple Gala Must

Country of Origin: Poland

Sold in:
Sold to wholesaler

Company that revokes:
Total Produce Nordic A/S 


Exceeded limit pesticide value.

The result significantly exceeds the maximum level.

The content is assessed to be unacceptable in terms of health, cf. Article 14 of the Food Regulation. 

Advice to consumers:

Consumers are advised to return the product to the store where it is purchased or to discard it.